13 Proven Secrets To Increase Sales From Emails

For many Salespeople, sending emails feels more unproductive than cold calling on foot or by phone, knowing your prospect can hit the “Delete” button quicker than slamming a door in your face.

Here’s 13 proven secrets to increase the sales from your emails, adding money to your wallet. So turn off your phone, remove any distractions, and keep reading…

Secret# 1: Your Eye Grabbing Headline

Before opening an email most people check who it’s from and what it’s about. Your [SUBJECT] is The Headline. And the Only Purpose of The Headline is to make them feel compelled to open your email…

Tip # 1: Look at emails in your inbox, noting any that grab your attention. Ask yourself why, and how you can use similar headlines for your business.

Secret# 2: The WRONG Headline

“Brittany Spears Nude!” may grab attention, but if your email is about selling tractorparts, you’ll lose respect and lessen the chances of doing business with client.

Tip # 2 Keep your eye-grabbing headline relevant, eg: “120% Increase In Tractor Performance (you’ll be amazed by this tip)”

Secret# 3: Size Does (not) Matter

Mark Twain wrote:” Sorry this letter is so long, I didn’t have time to make it shorter”. There is no right or wrong length. Some have said it should be like a woman’s skirt: “long enough to cover the important parts, but short enough to keep it interesting”.

A sure-fire way to have your email deleted is by rambling on about nothing, talking technical-speak, or writing an endless monologue.

Tip # 3 Write the first draft and cross out anything that does not add to the story.

Secret# 4: The Power of Research

In less than five minutes you can discover heaps about your client by online research, so use it to your advantage.

No matter how organic, fresh, or grain-fed your meat is, there’s little point in sending special deals to Sam’s Restaurant if they only cater for vegetarians.

Tip # 4 Researching your client will save time, presenting opportunities to tailor your sales pitch.

Secret# 5: How To Avoid Stalking Your Clients

Emails are great for quick response, and frustrating when we get no response. Without confirmation, there’s no sure way to tell if your client ever got them. Here’s a simple tip to keep sending them, without your client feeling they are being stalked:

Tip # 5 Ask your client for permission to follow them up if they don’t respond within a certain timeframe. Let them know when you’ll contact them again. Or give them best times to call you back.

Even better… leave them in suspense so they ABSOLUTELY have to contact you because they are so curious about your email…

Secret# 6: Everyone’s Favorite Radio Station

When a client reads your email, do they really care what you think or what you want?

No. They are only interested in (Radio W.I.I.F.M.) “What’s In It For Me?”

They are in a hurry. They quickly want the guts. So keep your sentences short.

Keep your paragraphs short. Get to the point. Quickly.

Tip # 6 Write your email. Then sit on it. Go do something else. Then come back and read it as if you were your customer. And ask yourself. “What’s in it for them?”

Secret# 7: What Problem Are You Solving?

Yes, you’re excited about the latest “whizz-bang-gizmo-gadget” your company has just launched. But so what?

Your customer wants to know why his/her life has been impossible to live without this gadget, why they need it right now, and what problem it’s solving.

Tip # 7 Explain the benefits to your clients.

Secret# 8: Become A Spy (Legally)

How do you know if your competitors are falling short, and you have a better product/service? By “spying” on your competition through publicly available research.

By keeping your prospects informed of any developments, you could “steal” your competitors’ clients. They may become unhappy with their existing provider, and your email could land in their inbox at just the right time.

Tip # 8 Keep your eye on the market. Watch your competitors while looking for any opportunity to show your prospects how you can offer even better products/ services.

Secret# 9: Building Rapport

Relate real experiences about your products or services. Anecdotal feedback from existing clients is a great way to build rapport with your prospects. Being honest, friendly and informative will encourage the prospect to look forward to reading your emails.

Give them information for free. Interesting news items, updates in the industry.

Develop the relationship, so when they’re ready to buy, they’ll come to you.

Tip # 9. “Out of sight, out of mind” By staying in regular contact with existing and prospective clients, you establish trust, confidence, and reliability, bringing joy to your bank account!

Secret# 10: How To Bring Clients In To Your World

Do you know you can ask questions in emails?

Did you notice what I did just then? And did you reply with a “Yes” in your head?

Think about how you approach your clients face-to-face. You smile, acknowledge them, build rapport, and help them relax. Maybe you ask how their day is. You listen to them.

So how do you do that in emails?

By creating rapport and engagement, drawing your client into the conversation.

Telling an interesting story about how John had this big problem he didn’t know how to fix, until you came along and took care of it for him, and now everything is hunky dory…

And luckily for you, we can do the same thing. In fact, we wanted to give you a head’s up, because the demand for this whiz-bang gadget is so great they’re flying out the door and I thought of you, because I know how much this will be of benefit to you, so call me as soon as you get this email so I can put one aside for you…

Tip # 10 People love stories, they like to feel part of something, and they hate to miss out. How can you engage your customers in your next email?

Secret# 11: Bring On The Cheerleaders

Call it the “tall-poppy” syndrome, or the fear of bragging. Who else is going to pat you or your product on the back?

People like to be reminded they are making the right decision. In days gone by, companies would say “As seen on TV…”. Because if it is seen on TV it MUST be reliable, trustworthy, worthwhile and so on.

Collect feedback from existing clients.

“I lost 10 kgs in the first 30 days – and 40kgs overall! I’m “living proof” of how effective this product is” Jenny Newgate, London

“With your service my business doubled in the first six weeks, and by the end of the quarter I’d added $26,000 to my profits” Jeremy Fixit, Manchester

Tip # 11 Ask existing clients for feedback that you can use for marketing. Make sure you have the proof of their claims and their permission, so it doesn’t back fire!

Then add these testimonials to your emails.

Secret# 12: Creating Urgency or Fear of Loss

Emails can create instant response, or be trashed even faster. How often have you skimmed through an email thinking you’ll come back to it later?

By the next day, with another 100 emails, you’ve forgotten which email you were looking for, let alone where to find it…

Give your clients a reason to ACT NOW! You’ll be doing a favour by encouraging them to deal with it straight away.

After all, what IS the purpose of the email? Does it have a “Call To Action”? Does it give your client a sense of loss if they don’t take action now? Will they be rewarded if they call you immediately?

Your email may not self-destruct in five seconds, but it can very quickly sink in the vast ocean of cyberspace never to be found.

Tip # 12. Think about the purpose of your email, and what course of action your want your clients to take, if any.

Secret# 13: Did You Read The PS?

When people skim the body of the email, they’re more likely to read the postscript or


Tip # 13. Use the P.S. to quickly summarise your email and REPEAT the Call To Action.

P.S. Did You See This?

The quickest way to improve your skills in writing emails, is by starting a “swipe” file of other people’s emails you think have the WOW! factor. Adapt them, test them, and soon you’ll see the difference in your own wallet!

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