Blocked By The Gatekeeper

If you’re selling something, you’re going to meet the gatekeeper at some point – and that person can make or break your chances of actually landing the sale. Who is the gatekeeper? It’s the person at the other end of the phone who has the power to decide whether or not to forward your call to the person who actually has the ability to make a buying decision.

At some point in the sales process, every sales person needs to talk directly to the customer, of course. Your company might make some indirect sales and inbound techniques to draw customers in, but the real sales still come from you having a direct conversation with your customer. Sounds simple enough – until you meet the gatekeeper.


The Gatekeeper Problem

Whether you are cold calling a client, or reaching out to someone you know for sure is interested in your product, you’re probably going to meet the gatekeeper. The gatekeeper will most likely be your target’s PA or secretary. Part of their job is making sure only really important calls get put through to their boss – and convincing them that your call is important can be quite the challenge. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself trying to use the switchboard, and found out that it’s company policy not to forward your call.

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