Main Reasons For Changes In Sales Territories During The Year

When managing a sales team or creating a sales compensation plan, the definition of a sales territory must be clearly understood. Many people make the wrong assumption of thinking that sales territories are limited only to geographical areas. The truth is that a territory assigned to a salesperson may as well consist of a certain … Read more Main Reasons For Changes In Sales Territories During The Year
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Should You Hire Sales Staff From Inside Or Outside Your Business?

No matter whether your turnover or staff is low or high, the day will com when your business is going to need to hire new sales staff. 

Hiring a new staff member is an opportunity to add fresh skills and a great personality to your sales team. The question for many businesses is whether or not it’s better to hire from inside or outside the business? Both options have their pros and cons. Let’s take a look at how to decide and how to give your new salesperson the best chance of fitting in. 

Hiring From Inside: The Pros and Cons

Hiring from the inside offers one immediate advantage: Your new hire is more likely to have a good working knowledge of your business, the market, and the product or service at hand. An inside hire will also be familiar with your company culture, and most likely has working relationships and contacts within the company.

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Building A Sales Pipeline

Every sales person wants to get results, which of course means sales. That can mean selling to new customers, getting repeat orders, or upselling to existing customers. 

As a sales person, a large part of your job is identifying leads and targeting companies that are a good fit and therefore likely to buy your company’s products or services. 

In short, you need to look for promising sales opportunities, and guide those prospects to purchase. You’re always on the lookout for the most well qualified leads; that includes customers who are actively seeking a product like yours, and those who don’t know they need you yet, but who are a good fit.

The best way to keep track of your leads and make sure you guide them towards the sale is a sales pipeline.

What Is A Sales Pipeline?

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How To Define A Sales Role

How do you define the role of a sales person? At first the answer seems obvious – a sales person sells products or services – but in fact a sales role isn’t always so easy to define.

These days, selling can be a long and involved process. For large organizations whose products or services need a more complex sales team, defining which team members qualify as sales people can be challenging.

For example, some services take a couple of years to fully implement and a large team is involved in the eventual implementation. In cases like that, which of those team members qualify as sales people?

The Importance Of Defining A Sales Role

It’s important to define what qualifies as a sales role for two reasons:

  • Your business knows which staff members deserve recognition as part of the selling process. This can help decide things like salary or who gets paid commissions.
  • Staff members are clear on whether their role is a sales role or not, and what targets they are expected to meet. Clear knowledge of roles and responsibilities is a must in any organization
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