Comp4Sales will give you the full attention and support you need, to meet your short and long term sales objectives.

Comp4Sales offers a vast database of online material accessed here in our blog, adding new ones regularly, to help you learn how to assess your sales motivation plan and how to design a new one.

A poorly designed sales compensation scheme is worse than having no plan in place. It may have undesired effects to a sales organisation  including a surge in cost of commissions without the anticipated revenue results. This is where action is needed by the senior management to act and resolve those issues.

Designing a Sales Motivation Plan cannot be concluded in one hour. It is a heavy exercise that begins far before writing any scheme in a piece of paper. The process can be long with various stages before and after designing it. What is the total pay level for sales people, the right mix, the core incentives theme, the measures, etc. are only part of an incentives system design procedure. The concept needs to be accompanied by the right processes, setting up the proper committees, following up with a thorough analysis of all results.


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