White Paper – How to Set Up the Right Performance Measures


When we design a new sales compensation scheme at C4S, we dive in in every technical aspect of the program. From defining the sales roles, deciding the total target cash compensation and others.

Considering which are the right performance measures is also a significant job and part of the design process.

This white paper reveals everything that one needs to know (from the sales management to the payroll and incentives design team) about the performance measures that shall be used.




A sales incentives scheme is a technical documents. It requires the appropriate design team follows certain guideline and decide specific terms and conditions.

One of the key ones is the performance measures that shall be used. These are the actual target indicators that will be used to put quotas on to each sales person.


The white paper covers:

The importance of your sales incentives plan

Performance measures: A key part in the design of a sales incentives scheme

When to choose your performance measures

Choosing performance measures in a sales incentives scheme

The importance of selecting the right performance measures

Four rules to help you choose the right performance measures

Types of measures

A deeper look at qualitative measures

How to weight performance measures

6 rules for effective performance measure weighting