White Paper – Moving to a New Motivation Scheme


During our work at C4S we have observed that companies were not ready to alter their sales compensation and incentives scheme.

Hence the effectiveness and the success of the program was at stake!

This white paper was put together by sales commission experts to explain what it entails to move to a new motivation plan.




A company sooner or later will have to change either all or part of its sales motivation scheme.

This is inevitable, if one wants to have a success in the program.

However, sales management teams and companies do not think thoroughly the consequences, the challenges and the right path to move to a new scheme.


The white paper covers:

The Very Real Problems Of Changing Sales Scheme

Is changing system really worth it?

Start with assessing your current system

Six signs that you need a new motivation scheme

Identifying which part of the scheme to change

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel

The four rules to follow before changing motivation scheme

Be aware of the possible negative consequences

Create an operational time line

Seven key steps for communicating the change to your sales team

Test the system in real time