White Paper – Sales Crediting



Motivating the sales force is a given objective for the sales management. Designing though an efficient and effective sales incentives scheme is not as straightforward as people think.

A poorly designed program leads to losing your best sales people to the competition, creating an unfair environment followed by dissatisfaction.

Sales Crediting is a major component of the program’s design. Sales management shall be careful to reward certain sales positions with sales credit and understand the dynamics of splitting sales commissions to various people.

When we design a new sales compensation scheme at C4S, we dive in in every technical aspect of the program making sure the right people get the right sales credit.




One of the first things to consider when designing a new sales incentive scheme is the definition of a sales role and which of those are eligible for sales incentives.

Who should be entitled for sales incentives and why? Shall everyone get a piece or not and how the commission can be split between different people that work on the same opportunity?

Questions like the above are part of the sales crediting decisioning process.


The white paper covers the following ideas around this notion:

Who Deserves The Sales Credit?

Start By Analysing The Opportunity Lifecycle Two Examples Of How Sales Could Be Credited In Different Scenarios

Deciding When To Pay Sales Commission

Deciding When To Pay Sales Credit – A Working Example

Points To Consider When Deciding On The Timing Of Sales Credit

Questions To Ask To Help Make The Decision On When To Pay

Is There A Place For Out-Of-Policy Sales Credits?