White Paper – Telling your SalesForce about a New Motivation Plan


This white paper was put together by sales commission experts following years of research on the concept of the sales compensation scheme design.

Communicating a small or a big change in the incentives plan is equally important as the design of it.

Sales Management and Executives shall think thoroughly how to communicate a change to the sales force.




Companies believe that once they design the compensation scheme the job is done..

This is one of the BIGGEST mistakes ever. The job is not yet finished as the scheme must be “SOLD” to the sales people.

Communicating a new incentives plan, whichever the changes from the previous one, is a significant part of the program and a huge responsibility for the sales management team to put the right attention to it.

This whiter paper gives insights and information to help companies to communicate a new scheme or a scheme that was changed:


The white paper covers:

Every Company Needs The Right Motivation Scheme

Communicating The Sales Scheme Matters – A Lot

Keep These Three Aims In Mind

Dangers Of Not Communicating The System Properly

The Three Top Causes Of Poor Communication

Keep These Main Rules In Mind

Decide Who Will Communicate The New System

List What Information To Include

Think About How To Sell The New System

What To Do After Communicating The New Scheme

Set A Timeline For Communication

A Conclusion