White Paper – The Mechanics of a Sales Incentives Scheme


Designing a sales incentives scheme, means the design team has full understanding of the effect of each term used. Each mechanic has its purpose and the reason to use it. Also sales management shall be careful when use more than one the same time as it may cause complications. When we design a new sales compensation scheme at C4S, we dive in in every technical aspect of the program.




A sales incentives scheme is a program that includes various technical terms and conditions. Cap, thresholds, multipliers, etc. are some of the mechanics one can use to make the scheme tailored to the company’s needs.

It requires though someone not only to understand the landscape of the various mechanics but also the consequences of using them wrongly.


The white paper covers:

The Mechanics Of A Sales Incentives Scheme

It takes more than thirty minutes to design an incentives program

Where to start

Four rules to apply when considering mechanics

Mechanics to use in an incentives program

Common problems that arise when applying mechanics