7 Tips For Penetrating New Sales Accounts

No business can rely only on existing customers if they want to grow and thrive. Even with upselling and cross selling, there’s a limit to how much “new” business you can eke out of an existing account. You’ll also lose some customers to competitors – no matter how good you are, that does happen from time to time.

A steady stream of new customers is vital for the long term survival of your business, and for the long term survival of your job, too. Bringing profitable new accounts on board shows your worth to your company.

Selling To New Accounts Is A Challenge

New accounts are necessary for growth and profits, but there’s one problem: Penetrating a new account is much more difficult than upselling or cross selling. Here’s why:

  • Customers most likely have an established relationship with a vendor they trust.
  • They don’t know your company. That doesn’t just mean that your product is new – they don’t know what your overall support is like or what your company is like to have a relationship with. It’s hard for customers to trust that a new provider will satisfy all their needs.
  • Customers don’t like change. The phrase “better the devil you know” really applies here – customers would rather stay with a vendor that they have a few problems with, than risk the unknown.
  • You have to figure out who is the decision maker, who’s in charge of the budget, who are the key people in your potential new account and how they all relate to each other. Laying this groundwork before you make a sale takes time.
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13 Proven Secrets To Increase Sales From Emails

For many Salespeople, sending emails feels more unproductive than cold calling on foot or by phone, knowing your prospect can hit the “Delete” button quicker than slamming a door in your face.

Here’s 13 proven secrets to increase the sales from your emails, adding money to your wallet. So turn off your phone, remove any distractions, and keep reading…

Secret# 1: Your Eye Grabbing Headline

Before opening an email most people check who it’s from and what it’s about. Your [SUBJECT] is The Headline. And the Only Purpose of The Headline is to make them feel compelled to open your email…

Tip # 1: Look at emails in your inbox, noting any that grab your attention. Ask yourself why, and how you can use similar headlines for your business.

Secret# 2: The WRONG Headline

“Brittany Spears Nude!” may grab attention, but if your email is about selling tractorparts, you’ll lose respect and lessen the chances of doing business with client.

Tip # 2 Keep your eye-grabbing headline relevant, eg: “120% Increase In Tractor Performance (you’ll be amazed by this tip)”

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