C4S helps you Design an Effective Sales Compensation Plan

Our team assesses and designs sales compensation programs that fit any organisation. We offer a multi year expertise in assisting companies that want to improve their incentives plans.

There are two main phases prior to designing a new scheme. Analysing and assessing the current system, then considering and agreeing the corporate objectives

The design of the sales incentives system, with all the technical requirements comes later, but takes lots of factors to consider.

An effective and well-designed incentives scheme is the prerequisite for any sales team to perform.

The most important sales management tool of our era!

Assessing a new change in the incentives program is essential! Every time our team is proposing a change, this is fully justified.

C4S helps organisations overcoming some of the following challenges

  • High Turnover of Personnel
  • Increased Cost of Incentives
  • Low Effectiveness of Schemes
  • Low Morale and Motivation
  • Failure to Align to Objectives

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