Why C4S

We understand how sales organisations can reach and over-perform their sales objectives and targets, by designing and refining an efficient motivation system.

C4S Consultants and its team are experienced in producing bespoke and tailor made incentives/commission schemes for the entire sales force including setting the right sales targets. Our experience lies also in maximizing the proficiency of the motivation scheme by analysing its efficiency using the right metrics and KPI’s.

A motivation scheme such as bonus, commission, etc. is a sales tool companies use with a sole objective to motivate sales people to reach objectives and targets.

It is called motivation system as it applies psychological as well as qualitative and quantitative factors with the aim to lead the sales force to a certain direction and to focus in performing its objectives.

A motivation scheme is a vital and important part for any sales organization as is strategically used by management to implement certain sales and product strategy.

A poorly designed motivation system might lead to unwanted results, including losing focus to responsibilities, demotivating sales people, risking client relations and not meeting the required targets and business objectives.

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