Factsheet; Setting The Right Level of The Target Cash Compensation

When you hire a sales person you need to do your maths before; that means deciding how much you are going to offer to this person. And when we talk about offering, we mainly refer to the level of the OTE (on target earnings) the sales person will pocket in a year. This is the sum of the fixed salary and the variable part (as for example commissions) the sales person will get.

It is called on target earnings because the variable part will be granted in full only if the goals are met, whatever these are! The total target cash compensation, in many publications seen as TTCC is always in cash.

The target cash compensation is different for each sales role (its range differs per role) and sometimes per sales person. The question though is how one decides how much to give to a sales person in TTCC? And which are the factors to decide that level?

There are various scenarios and methodologies to use depicted in the below factsheet. Reach out to us to discuss a methodology that fits your company.

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