White Paper – Administration of Sales Incentives


Motivating the sales force is today a notion that attracts lots of sales management effort. With the rise of incentives scheme usage, sales organisations are designing schemes to motivate sales people. Designing though an efficient and effective sales incentives scheme is not as straightforward as people think.

A poorly designed program leads to losing your best sales people to the competition, creating an unfair environment followed by dissatisfaction.

Sales Administration sometimes a forgotten part, it is still a major component of running the program. Sales management shall take care of this part, considering policies, committees, audit and others as part of the administration.

Each of these components are equally important; each playing its role.

When we design a new sales compensation scheme at C4S, we dive in in every technical aspect of the program making sure the right people get the right sales credit.




Sales management and teams that safeguard the sales incentives scheme ignore a small, though important part of the program; its administration.

The administration of the scheme comes to set some necessary rules that help to operate the program with success. It also helps the management team to be prepared, helping them how to deal with unwelcomed events.


The white paper covers the following ideas around this notion:


Five Problems That Stem From Lack Of Administration

The Five Steps To Effective Sales Scheme Administration

Setting Up Committees

Which Committees To Set Up

Calculating Incentives

Important Ares To Consider

Writing Policies and Documenting Processes

Policies That Need To Be Documented

Two Important Documents Every Company Must Have