White Paper – A Complete Guide to Choosing the Right Incentives Scheme



Many executives believe that just by agreeing in a commission to their sales people, will give them a competitive edge and will make the sales force effective.

A sales compensation plan cannot be designed within a couple of hours!!

There are many different factors that one shall be considering before even start designing a plan.

This whiter paper includes many important aspects of the notion including:


The Purpose Of The Incentives Scheme

The Different Types Of Incentives

Introducing The Two Most Common Incentives Schemes: Bonuses and Commissions

The Importance Of Selecting The Right System

How To Design A Sales Incentives Scheme

How To Choose Between A Commission Or Bonus System

The Consequences Of Choosing The Wrong Scheme

Operational Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Incentives System

Alternatives To The Bonus Or Commission Models




This white paper was put together by sales commission experts following years of research on the concept of the sales compensation scheme design.

The notion of designing the right commission or incentives plan is not as many sales executives believe an easy task. This paper gives vital directions to design an effective plan.